LAWTalk with Stephen Bucher – Jail Bird

My husband, Stephen, in another episode of LAWTalk. This is the only time I’ve been responsible for getting my husband thrown in the slammer.


LAWTalk with Stephen Bucher “Settling Disputes”

A pair red boxing gloves hangs off ringIn the 1990s, I had one of my crazy ideas. I wanted to create legal advertising that looked more like public service announcements than a typical law firm commercial. And I wanted to weave an element of humor into the delivery of each legal message. I ran my idea past a few of my friends in the local television industry, but had no takers. One day I received a call from Byron J. Miller. At the time, Byron was an AE for FOX24 here in Charleston. When I told Byron my crazy idea, his response was, “Yes, we can.” (Byron could have had a future in politics.) LAWTalk was born.

Over the next 12 weeks, I had the privilege of working with some of the most creative and fun people I have ever met. I wrote scripts…the LAWTalk Team brought them to life, always improving on my original concept. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Stephen Bucher, my husband and star of the LAWTalk series, knows how to mug for the camera.

It is unfortunate that my copies of each of the 12 60-second spots we created were saved on VHS tape and stored in a dusty cupboard for far too long. My attempt to capture them to digital video has yielded marginal results. But here goes…I give you with great pride and gratitude to all those who made LAWTalk possible, “Settling Disputes.”


LAWTalk with Stephen Bucher – “Dog Bite.”

This episode of LAWTalk stars Stephen Bucher as the fearless lawyer and Howie Futch (RIP) as the vicious beast. While Mr. Bucher’s performance is superb, Mr. Futch steals the show.